Krampus costuming 101

Don’t want to be a Krampus? St. Nicholas, angels, or other costumes also encouraged

krampuslauf philadelphia suggests: how about one of krampus’ cousins from around the world — like the perchten, belsnickel, or buttnmandl? how about a yule goat, or the jólasveinarnir, or christmas cookie sprinkle snitcher? )


There is a commercially available Krampus costume from Spirit



Masks are difficult, and one of the biggest challenges is maintaining visibility, especially at night. Buckram fabric is one option for creating visibility, and we’ll work with others during our workshops, too.

- Basic Mask Making

- Somewhat advanced building from scratch

- Maskless!

- Advanced: Repurposing another mask

- Finding European masks


o Base

o Horns

o Building up the face

o Applying the cloth mache

o Ears, teeth, and attaching the horns

o Painting and finishing touches



Overview of options

- Start with what you have – use fur coats, gloves, or other pieces as a starting point, and add other fur accents

- Start with other costumes: gorilla, yeti, bear costumes, etc as a base, and add other interesting fur

- Shaggy-ness (if you want it) – can be added with fake hair

- Buying fur: thrift stores, ebay (fur cutter pieces are meant for scrap and may be cheaper; search fur cutter, furrier, fur remnants, damaged fur), Mary Jo’s in Gastonia also has a good selection of fur

- Accessories

o Nails or Claws

o Bells, Chains, Switches

o Basket for naughty children

o Gloves



- Use coveralls or a tunic for a pattern, or no pattern at all

- Simple youtube video sewing instructions


Inspirational Pictures